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Serena's New Thing


Greetings from Baroness Serena Kimbalwyke, current Middle Kingdom Arts and Sciences ¾Champion!

My job as A&S Champion is to get people excited about the arts, and to get out there and make more of it! However, in my travels I've heard a lot of "Oh, I'd like to make so-and-so, but I don?t have enough skill" or "I don't even know how to get started in attempting so-and-so" or "I could never do THAT! "

I?m here to tell you that I don't believe it!

The Middle Kingdom has one of the most rich and diverse assemblages of craftspeople in the Known World. I firmly believe that anyone in the SCA can make just about anything!

To prove my point, I've started something I'm calling:

Over 12 months (my term as Kingdom A&S Champion) I will attempt a new, randomly determined, never-attempted-by-me project every month. I'll find a teacher in the particular art or science, learn a little about the process, and dive in and try to make something.

I'll regularly update my progress on this website. I'm going to take video whenever possible, so you can see me try the hands-on stuff! I hope it's educational, but it's sure to be entertaining!

The best part is that you can help!

Every month I will post 8 categories (randomly picked from the A&S criteria) and post them in an online survey and YOU get a say as to what I'll try next!

Go to my survey page and cast your vote! Only one vote per month, please.

You can also join the Midrealm Arts and Sciences group on Facebook for regular updates.

Thanks for supporting the Arts and Sciences in the Midrealm!

-- SK
Note that voting for my first thing happened in June, so the first month of projects actually started in July. -- SK


Category: Weaving, Tablet


Category: Metalwork & Tool Making


Category: Clockwork Mechanism


Category: Lapidary


Category: Scientific Instruments


Category: Papermaking


Category: Cooking: Subtleties, Sotelties & Illusion Foods


Category: Musical Performance, Wind Instrument


Category: Casting


Category: Brewing & Vinting


Category: Skeletal Materials

-- SK