Sunday, August 10, 2008

The scary kind of success

When I got back from Pennsic yesterday I found that my eggs had hatched. Apparently the few days at 60 degrees didn't harm them at all and also had the slowing effect that I wanted. It looked like they had just hatched that morning, so putting them at 60 degrees for four days had slowed them down for exactly four days.

My plan is to feed this batch all oak leaves, and then select cocoons to overwinter from each of the three pairings. I'm not sure how many I'll keep from each pairing - maybe six.

I'm a little concerned that I'll be able to keep up with so many worms. They are only a day old and they are already eating like fiends. They are wandering a bit so I keep picking them off the tops of the containers and putting them back on the leaves. The A group seemed to have hatched first and they are the most settled down on the food, after three or four times of getting moved back to the leaves.

I think I'm going to be busy. Yikes!



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