Sunday, June 29, 2008


My largest worm has begun to spin. Here is how he (or she) looks next to the smallest worm.

And here is a short movie of the big one munching away a few days ago.


Finally, here is the video of how I found the spinning worm last night. He had just dumped his gut and was beginning to spin. I decided to move him to another container in a paper towel roll even though I was afraid that if I disturbed him he might stop spinning. However this morning he's spinning inside the tube so I think I'm okay.


Hopefully the other two will start in a few days, even though I really think the little one needs some more time to grow before he spins.

I'm anxious to get my new batch of cocoons. The guy sending them said he might be able to send ten instead of just seven, which would be awesome! I'm still waiting to hear form him though.



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