Saturday, May 10, 2008

First batch of worms

I only have a few minutes to update, but I got my first batch of worms hatch out yesterday.

This is a picture of five of them, and they were just hatching at dawn. Eventually ten hatched in all. Today there are still ten so I'm wondering if the others will hatch. These are all from the batch of eggs laid by the beautiful moth on 4/28 who died suddenly. That makes eleven days of incubation.

The needy female Laid her first batch of eggs on 4/30, so I'm guessing those will begin to hatch tomorrow. That female finally expired yesterday.

I ended up bleaching everything for fear of viruses since two of my females died suddenly and looked strange. I'll post the protocol I used here when I get time to type it out. Again I got the info from my silkworm yahoo group.



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