Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Possible problems

I had two more females emerge last night. I got a video of one as it was emerging.



Commentary provided by my four year old daughter, Lily. In case you can't understand her, she said "Lady, don't step in the poop!"

My first female ended up laying about 70 eggs, then decided to recouple with the male. I put her in a bag this morning to lay some eggs, and she was dead this afternoon. I'm sad about that.

One of the other two females was coupled this morning, but was separated this afternoon. I put her in a container and not a bag, and she has laid one egg. I hope she lays some more.

The last female has yet to couple. None of the males seem interested in her, so I put the first male (the one with the crumpled wing who has already mated with the now deceased female) in with her and he's the only male who is all over her.

This project might not be as successful as I once thought.

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